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Sky Devices is a fast-growing, mobile phone manufacturer developing smartphones with premium quality, modern designs and robust performance, at prices that any user can afford. Our mission is to manufacture unlocked GSM smartphones to improve our consumer’s daily routine, without the high costs.     Sky Devices offers a unique customer-service experience by providing free technical support to users through the 1-800 Sky Squadron service, where our specialists are able to answer any technical question regarding the mobile devices.   Sky Devices is a sister company to one of the world's leading intelligent logistics providers for mobile devices. In 2014 alone, the company has moved over 25 million cellular phones across Latin America. In addition, through this strategic partnership, Sky Devices is able to offer local delivery and services to our client base in over 100,000 points of distribution in the US and 14 countries in Latin America.   Sky Devices is committed to providing the best phones we can design – for the best price you can afford.

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