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1. Are SKY Devices phones unlocked?

Yes, most SKY Devices are unlocked, yet there are some manufactured for specific carriers and services providers, so those would be locked. It’s important to make sure the phone you’re interested in is unlocked or will work with your service provider.

2. What type of communication technology do SKY Devices phones use?

Our devices work with GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) technology network. Many popular and well established global cellular carriers use the GSM network all over the world.

3. How long does the SKY Devices warranty last?

SKY Devices warranty lasts 2 years. You can claim your warranty to our SKY Squadron Customer Service Team at In order to start your warranty without any issues, it’s necessary to register your SKY Devices product with us. You can learn more about the SKY Devices warrant at:

4. What accessories are included with my SKY Devices phone?

Most of our phones include: 1-Charger 1-Battery 1-Headphones 1-Data Cable 1-User Manual 1-Protective Case 1-Screen Protector

5. How to set up a password on my SKY Devices phone?

Voicemail is provided through your service provider. In order to set up voicemail, once you have service established for your SKY Devices phone, press and hold ‘1’ on your phone and follow the instructions as you hear them. You’ll likely be required to set up a password, outgoing message, and other key aspects for your voicemail to work effectively.

6. How do I set up Voicemail on my SKY Devices phone?

The voicemail is only related to your local provider. If you want to set it up, make sure to go to Calls, then press and hold ”1” on the dialer. Then, follow the voicemail prompts to set it up.

7. Can I change the language on my SKY Devices phone?

Yes. Go to Settings, under Personal Menu, click on Language & Input. Select the language of your preference.

8. How can I take a screenshot with my SKY Devices phone?

Press and hold the Power and the Volume Down buttons simultaneously. This is standard for Google Android powered phones and tablets. The captured screenshot should appear in your gallery of images.

9. How Do I connect and transfer files to my computer?

Whether you have a laptop or desktop, you can connect the USB-Cable to the PC and your Cellphone. Most modern Windows and Mac based computers will automatically detect the device and install the drivers. If this doesn’t happen automatically (wait at least 10-20 seconds), then scroll down to the notification menu. Select the type of connection you want and wait for the PC to recognize the device. After setup is complete, your PC will open the SKY folder and you can drag the data you want to move from your cell to the PC.

10. I can’t see my pictures when I connect the phone to a computer.

Go to Settings > Storage then tap on the three dots, looking for more options > USB computer connection. In addition, make sure Media Device MTP is selected, then you should plug your device to your computer, and the SKY Devices phone should appear as a new drive. On most Android phones and devices, the pictures you take with your phone should be located within a folder labeled DCIM.

11. I have no access to Gmail from my SKY Devices phone.

To fix this issue, log in from your computer to the following Web address: 1- Once there, you will be asked for security: your Gmail account and password (although you already have an active session) 2- On the next screen, you may already have some current or non-current passwords 3- Tap on the 'Select application' dropdown button and mark the option "Other (Custom Name)”' and enter a name, for example: 'Android phone' or whatever you prefer. And then tap on 'Generate', a screen similar to this will appear: 4- Then, use the password marked in yellow on the device that does not recognize your account.

12. What if I have no signal?

There is most likely an issue with your coverage or account with your service provider. You’ll need to contact that service provider directly. You may want to have them send you a coverage map to ensure you should have coverage where you’re having difficulty. If you still have no coverage, make sure Airplane Mode has not been turned on accidentally. You can access this quickly by swiping down from the top of your screen, scrolling toward the right, and you will see a round circle labeled Airplane Mode. Make sure it is not highlighted. If it is, press the round circle to turn it off.

13. What do I do if my SKY Devices phone is running slow?

This can happen, especially as you download more apps and use up most of your device’s memory. Go to Settings>storage and scroll down to Cached Data. Select Cached Data and a popup screen will appear asking ‘This will clear cached data for all apps. Clear? Select Yes. It’s also advisable to restart your phone. This should result in faster operation. If not, consider removing some apps and exploring which ones are constantly running in the background, thus reducing performance.

14. What happens if my SKY Devices phone becomes hot?

The more use your phone gets, and during charging, it will run hotter. If it’s hot, close all apps and let it cool. The heating won’t cause damage, but it can be uncomfortable. Do not allow the phone to sit on bare skin or other sensitive areas for extended lengths of time.

15. Can I use the 2 available SIM cards in my device at a time?

You can only use one SIM at a time due to its Dual SIM Dual Standby technology.

16. How do I disable one of my SIM cards?

1-Go to Settings. 2-Select SIM Card. 3-In SIM Information, you will be able to see the active SIM Cards. 4-Choose the SIM Card (01-02) you want to disable and change the status. 5-Once you do this, do not forget to enter Default Settings and tap on each feature to select the SIM Card you will use.

17. I bought a new SIM and placed it in my phone. When I turned it on, it says please enter your privacy protection password.

You will need to contact your service provider for this issue.

18. I have 4GB internal storage and it says only 2 available.

The phone comes with a physical capacity of 4GB, but the Android System makes a partition for different purposes (Recovery, Loader, Apps, etc.) leaving about 2GB available for the user. The other partitions are not visible to the user. This is the same for all Android devices and for different internal storage capacities.

19. My internet connection is not working. What do I do?

Make sure you have your cellular data option on. To check this, go to the Home screen and slide down the screen to see the fast menu option. Look for the service network icon, click on it, and make sure it’s on. If it’s on and it does not work, please check the following: From the Home screen, tap the Menu button. 1- Tap Settings 2- Tap Data usage >> More 3- Tap Mobile Networks 4- Tap Access Point Names. (At this point, you can choose the one you have as your Service provider or add a New APN with all the information from your local company).